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Data recovery from PC or workstations

Despite high reliability of modern computer systems and assured software safety, data losses still sometimes occur. Hardware failures, viruses, software malfunctions and simple human mistakes can cause loss of extensive photo and video collections from your personal computer, a current work project from your workstation, a database or backup copies from a server.

However, lost data can be recovered unless they are overwritten with new files. The less a computer works after data loss the more chances for their recovery you have. SysDev Laboratories offer UFS Explorer software to recover files lost from a PC, from a workstation or from a server. This utility supports a wide variety of operating systems providing recovery of lost files and reconstruction of file systems if necessary. UFS Explorer applies powerful recovery techniques allowing to recover lost files successfully regardless of the file type even on complex RAID-systems. With high productivity and ease of use UFS Explorer proves to be a reliable top-quality product for recovery of lost files from PCs, workstations and servers.

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