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Data recovery on virtual machines

Virtual machines have appeared with the idea of eploiting hardware resources more economically with the necessity of getting the best out of various operating systems. A virtual machine called a 'guest' system is an ordinary machine, as far as interface is concerned, but it works using technical resources of a 'host' system it is installed on. Physically such machine is a simple file in a special format, thus, it co-operates with the 'host' system without any conflicts, as well as any other VMs installed on it. Several machines share the same hardware resources ensuring the most efficient simultaneous use of different operating systems, like Windows and Linux. Unexpected data loss on a virtual machine can be mainly caused by unexpected PC shut-downs, software malfunctions or simple human errors with no impact on data in the 'host' system making virtual machines beneficial in use. Yet, the above mentioned factors may cause damage of the virtual machine file and loss of important information on it.

While recovering data from a virtual machine, one deals with a file or its copy, not with any physical storage. To open the file and recover the lost files a special recovery software supporting the file format and able to manage recovery from virtual layer of a host system is needed. UFS Explorer software has proved to be an advantageous solution for such problems. These software contains powerful embedded operation mechanisms which allow opening virtual machine file and recovering files of a great variety of formats, thus gaining a strong advantage over its competitors.

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