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Data recovery from non-redundant complex storages

Complex data storage systems without redundancy method include RAID level 0 and JBOD. In RAID0 data are equally distributed across all the components. This increases operation speed of the data storage system and expands storage capacity. JBOD is applied to combine several data storage systems into one sequential system. This is a simple solution for creating a storage of a larger capacity from several components. Both RAID0 and JBOD don't implement data storage redundancy lessening chances for complete data recovery even if only one system component fails.

While recovering data from these systems one should bear in mind that the data are distributed across system components and recovery of lost data from a separate component is impossible. In case when any component fails, the device should be taken to a specialized service center for physical repair. In case of logical corruption of a file system or failure of controller, lost data can be recovered with data recovery software. SysDev Laboratories offer UFS Explorer RAID Recovery as a comprehensive solution for reconstruction of failed RAID system and recovery of lost data from complex storage systems. The software allows the users to virtually assemble RAID-array and ensures proper access to data for the further recovery.

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