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Data recovery from RAID

Complex data storages or RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) as an efficient and inexpensive data storage solution are widely applied nowadays by both corporate and home users. RAID-systems expand storage capacity, provide faster access to the stored information and increase storage reliability through redundancy - duplication of critical components of a system. Though also called redundant, RAID0 and JBOD systems are rather an exclusion as their operation is based on non-redundant algorithm. Despite increased data safety, cases of losing important information from RAID systems occur quite often. Hardware or software failures, blackouts, computer viruses or simple human errors as well as controller or RAID components failures and controller settings reset cause data loss. Yet, following recommendations and taking into account data storage specifics of a RAID-system one stands strong chances to get lost data back.

The data are distributed on a RAID-system across storage components in a way depending on a given RAID type. Thus, when recovering data from a RAID-system RAID data distribution algorithm, information distribution algorithm and redundancy should be taken into account. For most RAID-systems preliminary RAID components assembly is required to get access to data on the file system. SysDev Laboratories offer UFS Explorer RAID Recovery for reconstruction of a RAID-system and recovery of lost information from it. This software was specially created for RAID data access and RAID data recovery. Supporting most RAID types and most data distribution algorithms the software allows virtual reconstruction of disassembled software or hardware for further access and, if required, recovery of data stored on it.

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