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Data recovery from portable storage media

With ability to store large amount of digital information, high performance speed, great efficiency, excellent space-saving features and installation simplicity, portable storage media, such as USB flash drives, external hard drives, mp3 players and memory cards, have gained considerable popularity. Yet, despite constantly improving reliability, these devices are still exposed to data loss causes. Inappropriate plug-in or removal of the device, blackouts as well as accidental file deletion may cause loss of valuable information stored on the medium. Contrary to popular belief, lost data don't clean gone, unless they are overwritten. For this reason it's strongly recommended to stop using the device as soon as data loss is detected. After that a proper data recovery software should be used to solve the problem.

Portability of external storages allows their formatting in any operating system with any file system. In the choosing of a recovery software the capability to work with the file system the medium is formatted with should be taken into account. To recover lost files from portable storage media SysDev Laboratories offer UFS Explorer software as a comprehensive and universal solution applicable to any file system or Raise Date Recovery applicable to a single specific file system type. These applications have embedded innovative techniques, powerful enough to recover files from various portable storage media successfully.

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