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Data recovery after OS failure using different computer

In case when the hard drive doesn't sound somewhat weirdly and the machine does detect the disk without reporting on any problems with, the hard drive is luckily undamaged. Unbootability of the operating system in this case doesn't mean that the data are lost forever. Using proper software and following simple recommendations you stand excellent chances to recover the lost files.

If it's technically possible, you should carefully remove the drive from your computer and connect it to another computer by means specified in the article "How to: Connect IDE/SATA drive to a recovery PC:. After drive is connected successfully, it's strongly recommended to create an image of the drive using disk imaging software. Disk imaging is only a precaution that allows recovery software to work in a safer virtual environment. And yet, recovery procedure can be accomplished from the hard drive itself. SysDev Laboratories offer UFS Explorer software for recovery from a hard drive or its image. This application combines a set of tools necessary for recovery from a failed operating system. The utilities are designed in a user-friendly wizard manner making them simple in use. If the examination produces good results and the system is intact, you can copy the data from your hard drive to an external storage. For a corrupted file system you should follow instructions specified in software manual. Damaged data can be also simply copied from the operating system to an external storage for further reference.

All you need is to install the software to recovery computer and start getting your data back.

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