UFS Explorer - Data recovery from encrypted storages
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Data recovery from encrypted storages

Protection of sensitive data has become a matter of great concern in different life spheres: client and partner information, intellectual property items, business plans or accountancy and simply any personal data, like health information. Data storage system encryption used exclusively by governmental and federal agencies after decades is finally available for everyone willing to keep data safe and secure.

Volume encryption works in such a way that even if the storage falls into unworthy hands, any unauthorized access to storage data will be denied. This can be performed by encryption software or hardware, supported by the core operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux), and is currently available for different storage media: from removable flash drives to NAS storages.

Volume encryption protects all user’s data within the storage using special encryption key paired with user password for the system. At the point of booting, the system needs to address the encryption key kept in disk memory to start. Another layer of security is offered by modern enhanced encryption algorithms, where a secret key is used for the encryption key. If all the keys are identified, access to the storage is allowed.

Even though disk encryption purely protects and secures the data from thieves and malicious users, it is not able to protect the data from failures or damages within the system. A simple blackout can make you malicious for your system. As the encryption key is stored somewhere in the disk space in a manner and place which depends on a cipher algorithm, it can obviously be lost just like any other data on your storage. Loss of the encryption key leads to inability to access the data within the system: it remains encrypted and the key for decryption is lost. For this reason, the entire system falls out of work, unless you get the key back.

A common belief is that the encrypted data disappear together with the encryption key. Understanding the despair of users who have lost access to extremely valuable information, SysDev Laboratories have designed a tool for recovery of an encryption key. UFS Explorer Professional Recovery recognizes a variety of encryption algorithms including LUKS, AES (Rijndael), Serpent, Twofish, Blowfish etc. and supports different chaining modes such as popular CBC and more secure XTS. The software offers recovery of encrypted data from a variety of storage systems including NAS keeping your data encrypted and therefore protected.

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