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Data access solutions on PC with different OSs

Windows operating system remains predominant for the majority of users these days. Nevertheless, ongoing developments in this field have yielded market rivals offering their own operating systems with a range of specific functions. Choosing "proper" operating system may be challenging, when different purposes are in question. Fortunately, modern computer technologies allow installing more than one operating system on the same machine. The opportunity to add a newer or older system version to an existing one and then choose which one to load from a boot menu when you power on the computer also seems beneficial but for one disadvantage: possible incompatibility of the operating systems installed on the PC may result into inability to open an urgently required file on another operating system.

When time is money, the minutes you waste to restart the machine with the only aim to open one vitally important file become costly. UFS Explorer Standard Access is an ideal solution. This software provides fast access to files from one system on another without system starting. Safe read-only mode makes UFS Explorer Standard Access a reliable assistant in terms of data access.

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