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Useful tips how to choose data recovery software right for you


Data loss these days is a tough but absolutely not life-or-death situation. No matter if you have deleted your files accidentally, formatted the hard drive by mistake, your NAS has failed, your data have disappeared from memory card of your camera or you have faced any other problem, your data are recoverable in most cases and moreover you can do it by yourself.

We have developed a software product line which covers most data loss cases. This article helps to choose the right software.

For successful data recovery it’s essential to choose the right software. All our data recovery products have a common algorithm for search of lost data and file system reconstruction but at the same time each has its own features.

UFS Explorer Standard Recovery focuses on data recovery from a variety of storages of home users. The program works with various file systems and has different versions letting you install it to different operating systems.

UFS Explorer RAID Recovery easily handles the task of data recovery from any RAID configuration and, in particular, this program is perfect for data recovery from NAS storage.

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery has a broad set of useful tools for the users who specialize in data recovery, for instance, system administrators and data recovery professionals.

Raise Data Recovery is perfect for those who want to get the maximum result for less money. This program offers the best compromise between high performance and cost-efficiency due to its design for the only file system. Choosing this program you should be careful to match up the software version to your file system.
And now let’s have a look at the most common data loss cases and consider some recommendations on the software.

Data recovery for most cases

UFS Explorer Standard Recovery can easily handle most general data loss cases you can face as a home user working with your PC, an external drive or USB flash drive. No matter if you are facing data loss after file system formatting or its failure, leaving alone accidentally deleted files, be confident that UFS Explorer Standard Recovery will help you to solve this task easily. Even if you don’t know what file system was on your device before the data loss, the program detects all previous file systems and suggests a selection. Besides, the software allows you to backup all your data preventing from its loss in future.

Ideal for NAS recovery

NAS storages have gained a vast popularity among users due to the reliability achieved through redundancy of some RAID-configurations NAS can be organized to. Nevertheless, even these reliable storages are vulnerable to data loss situations, like failed firmware upgrade, formatting or accidental files deletion, and even physical damage of NAS box or one to several of its disks. UFS Explorer RAID Recovery is perfect for data recovery from complex RAID-systems, including NAS. This program can help you to recover lost data even if you don’t know which RAID type was on your storage: it detects RAID automatically; all you need is to attach all available disks of the RAID array to a PC for data recovery. Besides, the application allows recovering data from hybrid RAID configurations – essential for work with servers.

All-in-one data recovery tool

For those dealing with data recovery as a part of work, e.g. system administrator, data recovery specialists, we offer powerful software UFS Explorer Professional Recovery that provides immediate access to data on all supported file systems without any prior scan. The application has the functions of sector-by-sector scan and in-depth analysis of raw-data. And inbuilt Hex Editor tool allows carrying out data analysis and fix data errors thus bringing the file system back into a working state. Disk-on-disk function let you get access even to a blocked virtual machine.

Cost-efficient solution for single file system

If you need data recovery from one certain file system, for example, the one of the flash card of your camera, and you want to save your money not at the expense of performance efficiency, Raise Data Recovery is your best choice. Make sure you’ve chosen the software for your file system before you buy it: Although Raise Data Recovery detects all file systems supported by UFS Explorer software it recovers data from the only file system it was chosen for. If you want to use data recovery software in future for other file systems as well, we advise you to use more universal software – UFS Explorer Standard Recovery.

More detailed information about each of the software is available here.

Before you purchase the software, please, make sure it corresponds to your data loss task. If you have any questions as how to choose the right software, please, feel free to contact our support team.

Last update: 20.10.2016