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Data Recovery Utility Software

Auxiliary tools for data recovery operations

Data Recovery utilities are mainly aimed at assisting in data recovery operations using UFS Explorer Software. Moreover, these utilities can be applied to various data management and data recovery tasks.

CI Hex Viewer

CI Hex Viewer is a hexadecimal raw binary data viewer and editor. Providing all tools essential for efficient data analysis and raw data management, the software supports different kinds of information storages and is installable to different operating systems.

The application is created for do-it-yourself data analysis and data management for both home users and data recovery professionals.

For further information please visit CI Hex Viewer web site.



All UFS Explorer products are created as 'shareware' meaning, can try the product before you buy it. It's strongly recommended to check out the trial application before purchasing software license to ensure if it matches your needs and has all required functions.


To verify authentic origin of UFS Explorer products and avoid infecting software by computer viruses, all UFS Explorer products are digitally signed. Digital Signature with trusted certificate allows users to verify company's authenticity, the program authentic origin and software distribution consistency.

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